The Best Italian Restaurants in Littleton, Colorado

When it comes to eating out, sometimes the mood strikes and you just have to take your family to a nice, cozy restaurant. And when these moments arise you want to be sure that you are going to an establishment that is one of the best. So here in this article, we will share a list of the best Italian restaurants in Littleton, Colorado.

1. Angelo’s Taverna (6885 S Santa Fe Dr a, Littleton, CO 80120)

Has the mood for Italian cuisine struck you and your loved ones? Angelo’s Taverna is definitely a restaurant you need to check out, in that case. The environment here is laid back, and the dishes served are casual and hearty. Fan of oysters? Then you’re in luck! You can order here, as well as enjoy a full bar.

2. Romano’s Pizzeria (5666 S Windermere St, Littleton, CO 80120)

Some nights can only be supplemented with pizza, and that is where Romano’s Pizzeria comes in. The best pizzas are made in a brick oven, and Romano’s certainly agrees with this! Not in the mood for pizza, per se? No problem! Other delicious Italian items are served here, such as lasagna and scampi. Be sure to order up some beer or wine to go with your meal.

3. Bacco Trattoria (10125 W San Juan Way, Littleton, CO 80127)

A homey environment in which to eat, Bacco Trattoria is known for the delicious and authentic Italian dishes it serves. You can order for lunch and dinner, and even get yummy family-sized entrees as a takeaway.

4. Marino’s Pizzeria (9083 W Peakview Dr #7B, Littleton, CO 80123)

This is another establishment located in Littleton, Colorado that is perfect for those who enjoy eating pizza. A down-to-earth eaterie, pizza pies are made via brick oven and topped with only the freshest ingredients imported straight from Italy itself. Be sure to stop here the next time you crave an authentic pizza!

5. The Garlic Knot (3200 South Wadsworth Boulevard #A, Lakewood, CO 80227)

The last Italian restaurant we will mention that is located in Littleton, Colorado, and highly rated by customers, The Garlic Knot is a wonderful establishment where you can order pizza as well as calzones and pasta dishes. And the best thing? You can order pizza in New York style, Sicilian style, and even Neopolitan style!

So if you are craving some delicious and authentic Italian cuisine while in Littleton, Colorado, you simply must stop by one of these establishments. You will enjoy a hearty meal and want to come back again before you know it.